A Storage Unit Can Be Part of a Fresh Start After a Breakup
Posted by pompanobeachstorageu, 03/13/2018 5:29 am

They tried living together for a couple of years, but it just didn't work out. Somebody's going to have to move, but this person doesn't have a lot of money for getting a place solo. Storage Units in Queens are helpful when someone has a fair amount of stuff but will need time to get settled into this new life. While saving up money for a security deposit and first month's rent on a nice apartment, staying with a close friend or in an extended-stay lodging establishment may be the best options.

A Fresh Start

Once a new apartment has been rented and it's time to move in, everything from the unit can be moved to the new home in one big trip or gradually through several loads over the next month or two. Some people like to only bring what they truly need and want, leaving the rest to sort through and perhaps get rid of. Breaking up after a long relationship means a fresh start, and that can include eliminating a lot of physical belongings that just use up space.

What to Keep

It's not essential to jettison everything that brings memories of the relationship, even though that may be tempting with the goal to begin anew. Sometimes couples exchange gifts frequently, and sometimes they have purchased furniture together. It can make more sense for the person who moves out to keep the rocking chair they agreed is hers instead of giving it away and buying another one. Other memory-related possessions can be kept at Storage Units in Pompano Beach until the emotions are no longer so raw.

Going After a Dream

Sometimes that brand new start means keeping a unit at a facility such as Storage Post for quite a long time. The person may realize it's time to go after a dream that's been kept on the back burner, like returning to college and finishing a degree. Maybe he had been planning to join the Peace Corps for a two-year stint but then someone he thought was the love of his life. A storage unit keeps everything safe and sound until the customer is ready to get back to work and find a long-term residence.

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